dragon lady

Excerpt from "Divine Misfortune" by A. Lee Martinez

Eugene pointed his gun again. Things were complicated by the three hostages each jostling to be in front of the bullet. He decided to just pull the trigger and let destiny pick the first victim.
His gun didn't fire.
"What's wrong?" asked Rick.
"It's not working."
"Is it jammed?"
"I don't know. I've never used one of these before."
"Try the slidey part on top. Isn't that what they usually do in the movies?"
Eugene fiddled with his weapon. It made a loud clack, and he yelped as it pinched the flesh of his palm.
"Is the safety on?" asked Rick.
"No, the safety isn't---"
The dining room echoed with the pop of a gunshot. Phil, Bonnie, and Teri checked themselves for holes. After a few seconds, everyone noticed a new hole in Rick's thigh and a red stain spreading across his slacks. He, oddly, was the last to notice.
"Oh, shit. You shot me!" It was a needless observation. The kind only made by someone who had never been shot before, who expected to just keel over in agony when struck by a bullet, when it rarely worked that way. "You asshole, you shot me!"
"It was an accident!" shouted Eugene. "I told you we should've bought revolvers. And taken that course on gun safety."
Rick leaned against the wall. "What kind of idiot points his gun at the one person in the room he doesn't want to shoot? You shouldn't need a class for that." He gingerly pinched the wound. "Gods, I'm going to bleed to death now."
"It doesn't look so bad. Did the bullet hit the bone?"
"How the hell should I know?"
"Does it feel like it hit the bone?"
"You want to know how it feels? It feels like some idiot shot me in the leg. That's how it feels!" Rick started to slide down the wall.

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